UFC Ultimate Fighter Competition Springfield Virginia

UFC 237: Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC 237: Ultimate Fighting Championship

May 11, 2019  |  10 pm until 3:30 am
6315 Amherst Ave, Springfield, VA 22150  |  703-866-4160

Come join our PaperMoon Ring Girls and watch the UFC 237 battle live at on our 150” HD screen! Let the sexiest girls around seduce you on stage while the fight revs you up. What can we say? We like to keep you entertained as only PaperMoon girls can!

Reserve our VIP experience and bring the party right to your seat with uninterrupted access to the UFC PPV event! You won’t miss a minute of the action, and you won’t miss a sports bar when you’ve got our Ring Girls with you, teasing to please!

PaperMoon Springfield brings you the sexiest ladies in the Washington D.C. metro area, a fully stocked bar, and private champagne rooms for after-fight entertainment! While you may never be a champion of the UFC octagon, you’ll feel like a winner in our club!

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